GameHo takes advantage of naive teens

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My teenage daughter opted for a five day trial on, not realizing that if she didn't cancel within the 5 day period they would start debiting her account. It's in the fine print but she didn't understand it.

Their game service is $34.95 a month! They won't refund the $34.95 they took from her & we have since instructed the bank to decline any future debits, but this is how they make their money; duping unsuspecting teens into buying products they don't want.

Keep your kids off this website. Keep them away from the Hos at GameHo

Review about: Unauthorized Charges.


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I just received my account statement and found out what it was i have never been on this site so i don't know how they got my account # How can I cancel? please someone let me know

Calgary, Alberta, Canada #584443

game ho has hit my credit card for 40..00$ ++++ I am not even a gamer


GameHo has hit me to! How they got my credit card only God knows! Looks like I have been scamed tooo.


These guys charge a $1.00 fee as a "convenience charge" for cancelling their "free" trial. What a ripoff.

Don't even think about using this site. These guys give gaming services a bad name.


My son with (Asperger's)a form of autism signed up and they not only will not refund-they lied that I was talking to a supervisor and hung up on me!-I did use inappropriate language or raise my voice. I don't allow my child on sites-he is smarter than all the parent controls! so sad they can't survive without cheating consumer's.


they charged my account and i never signed up some how they got my account info


Gameho wanted my credit card so that they could charge a one dollar service fee. I just got charged 39.95 for no reason at all since there were no games I was interested in or downloaded. My fear is that Gameho will remove another 39.95 next month from my account as a ‘service fee’.


*** child is ***.

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